JOI-Design Trends 2023

The new year has begun and we at JOI-Design have been thinking about trends and movements 2023, which might increasingly encounter this year.


Before you get lost in your daily routine, you should take some time for yourself: Time to reflect and to recharge your batteries.

If you want to escape from your everyday life - il Salotto is the right place. The sunny Tuscan countryside offers plenty of space to get some rest. The color scheme of the interior is based on the tones of the surroundings and blends in with the Tuscan landscape.

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New Work and Work-Life Integration. Boundaries between our professional and private lives are disappearing due to digital progress as well as continuously changing working environments. Thanks to interactive and health-promoting interior designs, this connection can be positively strengthened - whether ‘Creative Corners’ that stimulate imagination; ergonomically optimised workstations; or cosy nooks for healthy power naps in between meetings.

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The top way to spark your own wellbeing journey towards becoming your best self is through a wellness break. 

Der Öschberhof Donaueschingen features a 5000 sqm spa in the middle of the beautiful Black Forest where you can meditate, relax and allow your body a moment's rest. Health and wellbeing are once again in focus this year when planning interior design concepts. Spaces should therefore be reserved as oases of security and rest.

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Despite the cold season, spending time in nature is the perfect contrast to the digital world. In the AC Hotels Berlin Humboldthain Park, all visitors will find the longed-for antithesis to sharpen their own senses. They don’t need to venture very far - the path to the terrace is completely sufficient.

Weather-resistant materials and the colour palette found throughout the interiors strengthen the sense of cosiness and invite guests to recharge their batteries.

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In harmony with simplicity: by deliberately refining interiors to their fundamental elements and using monochromatic palettes, a focus on relaxation and the essentials is created. Apartments of the future offer residents exactly this freedom by playing with hidden design highlights in muted hues and made from extraordinary materials that inspire viewers upon closer inspection. Lamps made from coffee grounds are built into the kitchen’s design and are not only sustainable, but also modern and minimalist.

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Ecologically conscious – our love for the future.

Interior design offers a wide spectrum of ways to be environmentally conscious. Creative recycling and the sustainable use of resources are important aspects that belong in every design concept. For example, at me and all hotels Kiel, we transformed electrical cable drum reels into side tables and also repurposed centuries-old timber into wall panelling.

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Authenticity and approachability are essential parts of positive interaction. Interior design can be a strategic tool in supporting people’s wellbeing and closeness with one another. The fine dining restaurant at the Söl'ring Hof hotel strengthens the synergy between the guests and the open kitchen area through a free-standing food prep and display island. In this way, diners can become part of the buzz as they watch chefs prepare dishes.

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A location’s distinct features are a source of inspiration that can spark many ideas for creative interior design. The Moxy Hamburg plays with cultural influences and literally brings the city into the house – lifts resemble shipping containers from Hamburg’s port, while a ‘walking tour map’ of well-known neighbourhoods adorns the lobby floor with interpretations of each district’s personality expressed through each area’s décor.

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"A little party never killed anyone."

Humorous, creative design concepts should not be undervalued, especially this year. The THE FLAMINGO on the shore of Timmendorfer Strand introduces the laid-back vibe of Miami Beach’s culture to the north of Germany through an abundance of charm and humour. All you need to do is press a buzzer and the party instantly starts.

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