10. May 2019

Editorial: Shanghai

Editorial: Shanghai My hotel tips for Shanghai Shanghai is a thrilling and dynamic city. On our trip, we were particularly struck by the recent proliferation of new luxury hotels. Last year, several international groups opened new hotels there. Among those […]
7. January 2019

Bali Magic

A travelogue from another world Whether between rice fields, in the deepest jungle or on narrow, chaotic streets lined with a variety of native wood carvings and stone sculptures…. from the second we arrived, we immediately realized: we are in […]
20. September 2018

Editorial: My nine tips for Hong Kong – part 2

My nine tips for Hong Kong – part 2 The second part of my Hong Kong tips focusses, of course, once again on the themes of interior architecture and of interior design as exemplified in certain of the city’s restaurants, […]
5. August 2018

Editorial: My nine tips for Hong Kong – part 1

My nine tips for Hong Kong – part 1 A city full of contrasts – vivid, inspiring, with its finger on the pulse of the present and yet at the same time “down to earth” and traditional; marvellously beautiful yet […]
24. May 2018

Editorial: My personal experience of the Public hotel in New York

I’d had my eye on Ian Shrager’s new concept hotel since it opened last summer, and the pictures I’d seen online had really whetted my appetite. I wanted to take a look next time I visited New York. I finally […]
1. September 2017

Editorial No. 2: City of Contrasts – Inspiration from New York City

Editorial No. 2 – City of Contrasts: Inspiration from New York City My aunt emigrated to the United States very early in her life. When I was little, my grandma always used to tell me about the huge Christmas tree […]