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The conflict between economic and human responsibility

It’s only been around two years since I, along with my colleagues Sabrina Voecks and Heinrich Böhm, became ‘junior’ partners at JOI-Design and thus self-employed. With our ‘senior’ partners Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk and Peter Joehnk, the company of JOI-Design now has ...

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Food for thought: seven new approaches to work and office design during the times of the coronavirus and beyond

Many things are changing as a result of the coronavirus: so much positivity for humanity, not to mention the impact on our environment. News channels and social networks report almost daily about the benefits of the lockdown for our world ...

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How the hotel design industry might change as a result of COVID-19

After surviving these crazy times of the coronavirus, our lives will be changed forever. This whole experience is proof of how the world can come together to solve a crisis. My hope is that we can keep the momentum going ...

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The Global House Arrest

I keep seeing the same comment repeated on social media, “It feels like the earth is sending us all home to our rooms to think about what we did.” There is something to that idea, and I do believe that ...

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