Hamburg design office in a protected as a historic monument villa from 1922

The challenge: Show respect for the existing building yet breathe in the spirit of modern times, inspire a relaxed atmosphere without fear of limitations, and, of course, support contemporary work practices and wellbeing within old walls.

Inspiration for the design concept came from the large garden bordering the Alster River as well as the ‘salon’, a listed building complete with a 100-year-old landscape painting used as an imaginative wallcovering. Characterised by green and blue tones, some parts of its imagery are clean and austere, while others feel playful. Its premise is to connect the interiors with the outdoors, much like the synergy between the past and the present.

Thus, the contrast between the salon’s antique chandelier and the modern classic lights against the foyer’s petrol-coloured walls makes sense. We developed this illumination concept to create an especially pleasant atmosphere for working. The courage to use colour is a common thread that runs through the interior design concept on all levels of the villa. However, the primary focus was to design a place that would create a strong bond between team members and build a family atmosphere where they could also take part in leisure activities. Team members are encouraged to enjoy the office and garden for private use during weekends. Rooms for brainstorming and even private retreats were integrated. We also introduced a kitchen with a large adjoining canteen and two extended rooftop terraces. Our guiding principle when bridging the old with the new was to highlight classical features on the villa’s ground floor where our clients are received, and then on the upper floors, include a more casual mix of furniture and lights that create a student-oriented vibe. A particular emphasis was placed on the integration of specially created product designs and contemporary art by young artists.