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101 Hotel Baths & Spas

Inspired by the momentum for holistic approaches to health, wellbeing, relaxation and fitness, 101 Hotel Baths & Spas explores the evolution of personal grooming and body care spaces within hotels.

Striking photos, renderings, hand sketches, floorplans and perspective drawings illustrate numerous possibilities for designing relaxing retreats with special appeal. Selected from the vast portfolio strengthened by JOI-Design over more than 30 years, the creative solutions range from international luxury resorts built with expansive facilities to boutique hotels fitted with small yet exquisite wellness areas. 101 Hotel Baths & Spas not only provides inspiration for industry insiders, it is also a highly beneficial reference guide for international hotel design.

101 Hotel Baths & Spas is published by Braun and can be ordered from bookstores, directly from JOI-Design, or online at Amazon.