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2014 – 101 Hotel Lobbies, Bars & Restaurants

Whether a venerable grand dame, a cutting-edge budget property or a luxurious boutique resort, the social spaces of a destination position it within the minds of guests. 101 Hotel Lobbies, Bars & Restaurants is a comprehensive analysis of public spaces within hospitality venues, drawn from JOI-Design’s diverse international portfolio spanning over three decades.

These are the places where special occasions are celebrated, memories are made and new trends are born, so they should be inviting, comfortable and excite one’s curiosity. Modern efficiencies are a must, which means hotels need to constantly evolve to exceed the expectations of their cosmopolitan clientele. JOI-Design is an expert in creating spaces for these savvy travellers. Informed by a digital world where unrestricted information is always within reach, they are searching for one-of-a-kind design experiences rooted in authenticity and that offer opportunities to relax and connect with nature. In 101 Hotel Lobbies, Bars & Restaurants, the designers apply their insights into human behaviour and suggest an abundance of design solutions imagined afresh for each project’s unique criteria.

101 Hotel Lobbies, Bars & Restaurants is published by Braun and can be ordered from bookstores, directly from JOI-Design, or online at Amazon.