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Foto: ARBOREA Marina Resort Neustadt

Arborea Neustadt

“Experience Together”: the credo of the new hotel brand Arborea is based on the principle of shared experiences. This novel resort hotel concept encourages social interaction in public areas, while the guestrooms become inspiring retreats with beds that face the Baltic Sea along and other unconventional furniture in bold colours.

The public areas offer numerous opportunities to make new friends, from cooking lessons with the restaurant’s chefs, a bar with a “workshop” where guests can tinker with real tools, and plenty of flexible spaces where chairs can be rearranged to expand the party or from intimate nooks. The main attraction welcoming guests upon entry into the hotel atrium is “The Stairs”, tiered platforms where community activities are planned and take place, cocktails from the adjacent bar are enjoyed, and emails are checked between entertaining sports and cultural events. A diverse F&B offering completes the special holiday experience.

Johann Kerkhofs, former General Manager at Arborea Resorts Neustadt

What was the overall premise of the project?

Portrait of Johann Kerkhofs

We always say, “Holidays should be like the perfect weekend, only longer!” You meet good friends, spend the whole day outside and cook together in the evening. This is the basis of the ARBOREA Marina Resort Neustadt’s motto, “Experience.Together”, which describes the mix of activities and relaxation that can be customised to individual preferences. An essential part of this concept is nature and communication. As soon as people come together and connect, a sense of community arises. To me, society needs to grow more and more in this direction. From long community tables at breakfast to The Stairs, our hotel’s features, and their interior design, should help lower guests’ inhibition to talk with strangers.


What do you particularly like about JOI-Design’s concept?

With bright, natural tones, the calm and cool industrial chic created by JOI-Design’s interior architects fits the atmosphere of Neustadt. The green surroundings blend with the resort’s interiors via large windows and natural materials. There are no senseless bells and whistles, we limit ourselves to the essentials. With us, it’s about experiencing things together. JOI-Design created The Stairs as central platform where guests can communicate with each other. As the heart of the hotel, the open staircase will be a recurring feature in our future properties. Guests can retreat to built-in sitting areas, yet at the same time, talk with each other when they feel like it and take in the views of the surrounding salt marshes and the Baltic Sea.