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2011 – 101 Hotel Rooms

The engaging content of 101 Hotel Rooms illustrates that a guestroom’s interior design need not always look the same. JOI-Design understands that bedroom concepts must not only reflect a hotel’s milieu, culture and practical requirements, they also need to anticipate guests’ desires and reactions to the space.

Imaginative solutions for providing this “hospitable” environment are found throughout the book in 101 variations either designed to the conceptual stage or fully realised. Architects, interior designers, investors, project developers, hoteliers and students who missed out on the first edition now have a second opportunity to enjoy the innovative creativity of our award-winning projects by ordering the softcover version of 101 Hotel Rooms here.

101 Hotel Rooms is published by Braun and can also be ordered from bookstores, directly from JOI-Design, or online at Amazon.