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Foto: 7-87-Group

CLOUD N°7 LOFTS Stuttgart Ostendstraße

CLOUD N°7 LOFTS in Stuttgart are cosmopolitan boutique apartments created with attention-to-detail and a design inspired by heritage buildings, which gives them a residential atmosphere.

Their concept honours the industrial style of historic, light-filled lofts found in Berlin, London and New York. The apartments feature room dividers inspired by typical lattice windows, while an interplay between old and new mixes authentic materials such as historic brick and modern concrete helps set the scene. Clean shapes and lines are accented by touches of rough ‘industrial memories‘ and the skilful contrast of a soft colour palette, resulting in a soothing atmosphere and an exciting, contemporary style for globetrotters.

For this project, the focus was to create lofts with a bespoke, generously designed style. Common areas and gastronomic offerings were deliberately not included, as the concept for CLOUD N°7 LOFTS can be adapted to suit a wide range of new and existing buildings through the use of distinct, striking features that weave a story of business chic and relaxed modern comfort.