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Slide Neuer Marstall

Neuer Marstall Café named amongst the most beautiful

JOI-Design’s symphony of style for the Hanns Eisler University of Music in Berlin has just been acclaimed in the “Most Beautiful Restaurants and Bars” competition, a new, gastronomy-focussed interior design award for German-speaking countries. The jury selected “our” café as one of the 50 most beautiful projects amongst all submissions.

With inspirations drawn from the listed building’s original use as royal horse stables and its’ current-day musical milieu, the spirit of the arts inhabits the café’s new design with a palette that plays on the idea of black and white piano keys. Brushed brass finishes allude to trumpets, while rod-shaped pendant lights complement the orchestra as if “dancing” notes of a musical score. With tact and passion, JOI-Design has composed a harmonious orchestration of the café’s past, present and future stanzas.