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Fährhaus Munkmarsch Sylt

On this side of the famous North Sea island, we are on the Wadden Sea – combined with a somewhat quieter Sylt feeling. And it was precisely this feeling that had to be conveyed during the conversion of the guest rooms for the luxury hotel: Downshift, recharge the batteries and feel nature. Of the 20 renovated rooms, each looks a little different. Sometimes the wooden surface differs, sometimes the handle, the light fixture and above all the individually integrated antiques, which underline the close connection to the place and its history: The Fährhaus, where ships from the mainland used to dock – before there was the Hindenburgdamm and the Autozug, still marks the first port of call for the house, after all, where the various gastronomic offerings with beautiful outdoor terraces are located.

What the new guest rooms all have in common: That is the spirit of getting in the mood for the next day’s visit to the beach by staying in the room. The light woods and natural surfaces automatically make you think of sand and the sea, and if you walk barefoot over our solid parquet flooring, which has deliberately retained its slightly irregular surface, then the haptic experience is also in harmony with this.