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German Design Award 2019 (Winner)

JOI-Design is pleased to announce that this year we have been honored with two awards in the Interior Architecture category: the Premier Inn, Frankfurt , was named as Winner, and the Trend Suites in the Radisson Blu, Frankfurt, were given a Special Mention.

Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk with the two awards from the "German Design Award 2019"

Premier Inn, Frankfurt am Main

JOI-Design’s Premier Inn, Frankfurt Germany, was honored as the winner of the “Interior Architecture” category.


Lobby of the Premier Inn in Frankfurt am Main


About the project: For the launch of the »Premier Inn« brand in Germany, which already has more than 700 hotels in the UK, a characteristic interior design concept has been developed that deliberately shows British roots as it enters the German market. The result is a young interpretation of a quintessentially »English Library« featuring genuine wood flooring, Chesterfield sofas, a bar topped in tin and other materials that aren’t to be taken very seriously and show a playful streak.

What the jury says: “This youthful and contemporary take on classic British library style endows the space with a homely atmosphere. A magnificent decor featuring imaginative details and that allows for privacy while at the same time fostering social interaction.”


Trendsuite, Radisson Blu Frankfurt

JOI-Design’s Trendsuite within the Radisson Blu, Frankfurt Germany, was honored with “Special Mention” of the “Interior Architecture” category.


The Project "Wohnidee" for the suites in the Radisson Blu in Frankfurt


About the project: In today’s fast-paced world, hotel guests crave home comforts whilst on their travels. In the Radisson Blu in Frankfurt/Main, two suites have been singled out in order to stand out from the context of otherwise uniformly-styled hotel rooms: The renovation has created added value that surprises users and takes them into a world that is more reminiscent of a private apartment in the Scandinavian natural version »Modern Serenity« or the more masculine version: »Classic Monochrome«.

What the jury says:  The idea of designing selected suites in a homely fashion has been
executed with great artistry and a tremendous feel for detail. A superb design with an exclusive look and feel.