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Ginger Goa, India

JOI-Design’s debut project in India is also the first realisation of the reimagined design strategy the studio created for the Ginger brand. Combining their knowledge of how up-and-coming European hotels approach changes in guest demands with their analysis of India’s evolving travel market, the team developed an individualised design specifically tailored for an emerging type of traveller. The reinvented Ginger brand is aimed at young Indian and international millennials, digital natives, city hoppers and cosmopolitan families who love travel and experiencing the culture of India. Featuring youthful, artistic and colourful designs infused with local influences, Ginger hotels are places to communicate, socialise and perform.

Deepika Rao – Managing Director and CEO, Ginger Hotels

Deepika RaoWhy did you choose to work with JOI-Design?

The brand’s new personality demanded a very strong design language which was uniquely different from what was existing in India. We studied the body of work done by JOI-Design and felt the firm was best suited to deliver the new vision for the Ginger Brand.

What part of the project did you find the most fascinating?

It was fascinating to see the contemporary approach to India’s art and craft and how it was brought to life within a very vibrant design palette. For instance, use of the Portuguese tile commonly scene in the houses in Goa as the wall elevation behind the reception counter, installation of swings as seating styles in our restaurant, extenuating the atrium lobby by hanging jute ropes from the ceiling and anchoring them to the floor. There are many moments of surprise in the design which appeals to the brand’s identity such as placing polaroid cameras on the jute ropes, placement of a guitar, hammock bench and a foosball table in the lobby.

What part of the design process surprised you the most?

The project had to be delivered within a short timeline, with adherence to the product specs keeping a watch on the costs without any compromise on the quality. Keeping in mind these constrains, the team had to procure the furniture and other materials required to execute the design domestically. JOI Design was flexible to evaluate the Vendors procured locally which benefited Ginger in terms of executing the product with-in the timeline and the budget allocated.