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Hilton Munich Airport, Executive Lounge – Products curated by JOI-Design

About the project: Relaxation, a little refreshment, exchange – all that travelers look for during breaks at Munich Airport. We responded with the interior design by placing local, traditional materials in a new, modern context and by using very puristic approaches to the design to counteract the hectic airport rush.

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 Muuto, ‚Ambit‘ Rail Lamp (DK)

the repetition of the uniform ‘off the peg’ lights creates a pleasant rhythm that has a calming effect on the lounge users.

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Vibia, Pendant lamp ‚Slim‘ (ES)

the kitchen block is accentuated by a directed bundle of pendant lights as a swarm. The luminaire package marks a turning point and emphasizes the location as an island in the room.

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‚Dares‘ Armchair by Place (D)

in addition to all the purist, restrained repetition, a lounge naturally also needs comfortable upholstered furniture. We chose this model because, in addition to seating comfort, a certain rigor in appearance is conveyed again (and the armchair is also thought of as smart: armrests made of leather are more durable and more hygienic!).



‚Adnet‘ Wall Mirror by Gubi (DK)

almost a classic too! Even if not that old, this wall-hung mirror with its characteristic leather buckles is already cult. Here as a reminiscence of traditional costumes or cowbells, but above all so that you don’t lose track of the room from all seats.

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‚Rowan‘ Pendant by Ebb & Flow (DK)

there is no trend without a counter-trend: These pendant lights also appear in swarms, but – relatively untypical for this project – at very different heights, because they bring a little poetry with them.

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Tapete ‚Mémoires‘ by Élitis (FR)

a wall covering with a patch work effect. We love them, the discoveries at second glance: This wallpaper has many facets – it forms a valuable bracket for the room and also arouses the spirit of discovery.

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‚Pitch‘ Bar Stool von DeWall Design (D)

here, too, you have to take a closer look: the leather comes into its own thanks to the visible proximity.

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