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Hotel am Fischmarkt Rheinberg – Products curated by JOI-Design

About the project: The renovation of the existing house puts it in a new light. Public areas and rooms sometimes put the historical roots in the limelight with a wink.

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 Muuto, ‚Ambit‘ Rail Lamp (DK)

With great attention to detail: if you take a closer look, you discover copper, brass, anthracite – the grille finally ties in with the topic of fishing nets.

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Chair ‚Pina‘, Manufacturer Magis (IT)

another association with the network. …. but also a clever design: a light piece of furniture that does not take up much space and yet offers an upholstered backrest and on top the protection of an armrest.

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Bolichwerke, Collection ‚Ebolicht‘, Typ ‚Berlin Wand‘ (D)

of course we also love German products! Here the wall version of an industrial light classic as a statement and counterpart to the playful pendant lights.

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Armchair ‚Flow‘ Hochlehner von JAB / BW (D)

The same applies here: hard shell & soft core. The backrest is slightly tilted as a bracket – this is how the striking silhouette is created. And we like the material combination of leather on the outside and wool on the inside!

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Bedside table ‘Pina’ by Magis (IT) & pendant lamp ‘Copenhagen’ by & Tradition (DK)

The pendant lamp hovers plumb above the free-standing table and thus marks exactly the place for me where I can find peace.


Bedside table ‘Pina’ by Magis (IT) Link to Website
pendant lamp ‘Copenhagen’ by & Tradition (DK)
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Furniture handle ‘Elliot’ from Häfele (D)

Design for all the senses: Sometimes it’s not just the look that we want to inspire positively – the feel of the furniture handle was important to us, and so the choice fell on ‘Elliot’.

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Occhio, ‚Sento‘ Pendant lamp (D)

A classic in the modern world of lighting: A ‘simple’ lens, elegantly held in a chrome ring, and it radiates so much calm.

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