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Lufthansa Conference Hotel Seeheim

‘Coffee break!’ This is the announcement from the seminar leader, and despite the exciting content being presented, everyone is looking forward to a little breather in a pleasant environment. As part of the renovation of the Conference Hotel in Seeheim, our interior architects developed the Lufthansa Coffee Points concept to have distinct zones: retreat nooks equipped with charging stations for phone calls; areas for rest; communication spaces; a snack bar; and individual workstations – all with a timeless, straightforward design. To help with users’ orientation, each of the four floors has its own theme – wood, leaf, stone, and water – as a nod to sustainability and inspired by the window views looking onto the surrounding nature. Existing furniture was integrated and supplemented with high-quality, resistant materials to form an eclectic contemporary setting where users can transition from one activity to another within the break area.


Katharine Schnelting-Anslinger – CEO Lufthansa Seeheim GmbH

What was the general premise of the project?

The challenge was to give the existing break and networking zones a ‘facelift’ and bring their design, functionality, and technology up to date. It was particularly important to develop a concept that harmonised with the rest of the building’s design yet still appeared fresh, modern and distinct.

What did you particularly like about JOI-Design’s concept?

Bringing the colours and forms of our natural surroundings – the Hessian Bergstrasse – into our interior spaces was a successful design strategy. Some guests will work together in creative ways in these zones. Others are looking for a spot to take a little time out to relax. The results are perfectly fit for purpose: subtle tones, natural materials, and imaginatively shaped tables and furniture inspired by the differently themed worlds of wood, water, stone, and leaves create the special kinds of settings that we like to offer our guests.