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2009 – Raum. Werte. Creating Hospitality Design

“Interior design needs to create a memorable impression, sell a space and feel fun.”

Successful hotel concepts are those that touch the emotions, seduce with eye-catching appeal, and convince travellers they offer the best stay. Highly visual, our first book portrays projects strategically designed to not only bring value to their developers, but to enhance the guest experience as well. Exceptional hotel design is so much more than superficial beauty; it is a carefully layered composition of space, light, colours and materials that together realise, and hopefully exceed, our client’s objectives.

Creating Hospitality Design. forecasts the future of the hotel industry and insights for frequent travellers and decision-makers through an engaging account of JOI-Design’s projects, trends and ideas.

Creating Hospitality Design. is published by Braun Publishing and can be ordered from bookstores, directly from JOI-Design, or online at Amazon.