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Synergetic Success in Munich

Rock-n-roll Moxy meets chilled-out Residence Inn


It´s time for a ride – this is the vibe in the lobby of Munich’s newest Moxy hotel. For decades, the large German manufacturer Zündapp produced motorcycles from its plant in the Munich-Ostbahnhof quarter. Vehicle parts, skid marks and work tools become part of the public area’s design. “The motto in the lobby is a ‘motorcycle trip into the mountains’. Take a deep breath, lean back and follow the call of the Alpine range. Furniture, accessories and lighting designs draw inspiration from the nearby mountains, while exposed ventilation pipes and visible cables create a bold and vibrant industrial chic in the lounge-like lobby. In the guest rooms everything revolves around deceleration and comply with the European Guestroom Design Standard.

JOI-Design has already been commissioned by the Moxy Frankfurt City Center to develop a European uniform room concept that is more in tune with the atmosphere of the public areas. While the party is going on in the lobby, the guests have so far been immersed in a world that is detached in terms of design. JOI-Design has taken the concept of the never-ending party further and created a relaxing area in the rooms for the time after the party. “Detox” is the keyword.

Residence Inn  

Quiet design details

In comparison, the Residence Inn invites guests to linger in the Plaza. Business and private travellers alike are welcome to escape the hectic pace of the city. Elegant, straightforward design and a home-like atmosphere embrace them from the first step. Silvery colours create a light and delicate ambience in this peaceful haven away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

The guest rooms provide restful support with their restrained, clean-lined interiors in a muted, tone-on-tone palette. Everything business travellers need to feel cared for and comfortable can be easily found within the large room zoned for a kitchenette, a work area and a cosy space for relaxation. The lobby, similar to the Moxy, is designed as a lounge with occasional events to entertain guests. And for when travellers feel “it’s time for a ride”, they can simply plunge into the urban life of the Werksviertel or stroll a few steps over to the Moxy.

For further information, please see our press release.

Kornell Otto – Director of Project Management, SV Hotel AG

What was the basic idea behind the project?

We always focus on the guest experience. Everyone should feel comfortable staying with us, both in the Moxy and the Residence Inn. Our aim was to address two target groups with this combination of brands. The Moxy is a place to relax and work, but above all, to have fun. In other words, it’s for city-hoppers on the move in the trendy factory district, those who want to fully experience the city’s hustle and bustle. For the Residence Inn, we wanted to give guests a sense of security so that they feel welcome and at home. It’s for those with longer stays in Munich who still want the excitement of the city scene at their doorstep.

What did you particularly like about the concept of JOI-Design?

JOI-Design completely understood our objective and the exact characteristics of the Moxy brand. With well thought-out design details, they created local references to Munich without being brash. Neon-pink design elements add value by strengthening brand recognition. With the Residence Inn, JOI-Design immediately understood what is important to our guests during their longer stays and incorporated this into the interiors.