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Traumhotel …liebes Rot-Flüh

A traditional hotel in Tannheimer Tal, an idyllic valley in the Allgäu Alps, takes a step into the modern age. JOI-Design developed a new design concept for 40 of its 100 guest rooms in an extensive renovation. The goal was to let the Traumhotel… liebes Rot-Flüh, which translates to English as ‘Dream hotel… Dear Red-Flower’, shine in a new light with details that are playful yet avoid kitsch, express the pulse of today yet instil a romantic mood, and don’t alienate returning guests.

Imaginative touches let the bedrooms radiate romance, comfort and a residential feel. High-quality features made locally from regional timber mix with a modern language of form, colour and classic materials. Specially created by JOI-Design, the vibrant floral wallcovering behind the plush beds is the eye-catching focal point. With the flower’s enlarged scale, the traditional print feels fresh and modern. Next to the bed, a wardrobe in dark grey grounds the lively palette.

The bathrooms beckon with their Italian tiles and flattering fittings. The romantic design is rounded off by the whimsical lighting concept whose details allude to the alpine surroundings. A place that leaves nothing to be desired and invites you to dream.

Alexander Huber – CEO & General Manager

What was the general premise of the project?

We wanted to let the soul of the hotel live on and further develop and reinterpret the attributes united within our hotel such as “love”, “red” and “feminine”.

What did you particularly like about JOI-Design’s concept?

Amongst the various project pitches, JOI-Design’s concept appealed to us the most and our cooperation with their team was always very professional. They were the only ones who professionally implemented our fundamental idea.