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Y Tube Heating for Noldholm

The Y Tube was designed for Nordholm and can be integrated into a wide range of spaces, including bathrooms, hallways and kitchens. The idea behind Y Tube was that users would always have access to preheated towels, thanks to the innovative shape of the heating system.

The upper area of the “Y” is perfectly shaped to hold rolled or folded towels, keeping them heated until they are needed. Four discreet hooks on the parallel stems of the lower section provide additional storage options to warm hanging towels and are angled to echo the shape of the top part of the “Y”, adding a sense of symmetry and continuity.

The innovative profile excels on both functional and aesthetic levels. Its modern and elegant contouring is very different from the classic ladder radiator, making it stand out as an object of interest as well as an efficient product. Energy-saving technology reduces operational costs with 120 watts used to generate a maximum surface temperature of 110°F.

Y Tube has been developed out of high-end steel and is available in the following surfaces: Polished, Brushed, Orange Peel Effekt, Bronze, European Bronze, Copper, Black Perl, Gold PVD, Gold, White RAL9003

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