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Press Release: A-ROSA SENA Cruise Ships

Press Release: JOI-Design reimagines river cruising through a relaxing slow travel concept with multigenerational appeal.

The summer 2022 launch of the A-ROSA SENA on the Rhine celebrates two maiden voyages: a new breed of river cruise ships as well as the first water-based project from JOI-Design, the interior architecture studio renowned for its extensive land-based hospitality experience. Already shortlisted for awards in the AHEAD Europe and the Cruise Ship Interiors competitions, the fresh, light-filled prototype concept will be extended across A-ROSA Flussschiff GmbH’s entire fleet and project a new brand image to attract younger demographics.

Also forward-looking are environmentally friendly technologies that resulted in A-ROSA SENA winning the “German Award for Sustainability Projects 2022” from the publication DUP UNTERNEHMER and DISQ, the German Institute for Service Quality. The ship was engineered with an exhaust gas purification filter and an innovative hybrid propulsion E-motion system that switches to battery power when entering and leaving ports, which results in virtually silent and emission-free dockside calls. Sustainability guided choices throughout all the interiors, from materials used to the spatial layouts, with each level holding a central water station where guests can refill decanters provided for them in their cabins rather than plastic bottles with mineral water.

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