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Press release: The Öschberghof, Donaueschingen

Unhurried Luxury – Nestled in Nature

Relax and recuperate in spacious surroundings through golf, wellness and the culinary arts

Our world never stops turning. The progress of technology is constantly offering us something new. Books, CDs, letters and e-mails, cameras, alarm clocks and maps now all belong to the province of the omnipresent smartphone. This device, which accompanies us everywhere and helps us in all our activities, also means that the world of work and the world of private life are bound ever more tightly together. There is less and less time in our day when we are there not for others but for ourselves alone. In today’s rapidly changing world, then, we feel an increasing need to “get away from it all”: a need for what has been called a “digital detox”,(…)

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