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Olympus Europaean Headquarters in Hamburg

JOI-Design applies its hospitality expertise for a reimagined work experience where interaction, innovation and inspiration come into focus

02_JOI-Design_Olympus Campus Hamburg_Credits Christian Kretschmar for JOI-Design

All photos: Christian Kretschmar for JOI-Design


(1 February 2022) Global medical technology company Olympus has a new home in the heart of Hamburg for both its German and EMEA headquarters. Developed with exceptional construction and sustainability standards, the building offers an inspiring work environment for more than 1,200 employees. JOI-Design’s interiors concept for the 11-storey, 35,000-square metre ‘Olympus Campus’ in the Hammerbrook district breaks new ground in the field of office design, using hospitality design approaches to find imaginative solutions that can adapt to the continuously changing requirements of tomorrow’s workplaces. “We are most grateful for the trust Olympus placed in us with this major task," says Peter Joehnk, the co-founder and partner at JOI-Design who initiated the studio’s involvement in the project five years ago.

Olympus values the effectiveness of in-person interaction and believes the office is the best place to collaborate with colleagues and find the best possible solutions for customers. Creating a state-of-the-art environment with a future-oriented design was crucial for empowering team members to reach these goals.

For the interior designers, analysing the international brand and translating these findings into three-dimensional spaces was a fascinating challenge. JOI-Design cooperated closely with Olympus employees, discussing their ideas, wants and functional requirements in order to provide inspirational work environments for them and their visiting project partners. The result is a setting that supports the ‘New Work’ movement, a philosophy for our globally and digitally connected age that values autonomy, freedom, community participation, creativity and self-fulfilment.  

The Lobby

Founded in Japan in 1919, Olympus has developed customer-oriented product solutions for medical technology, science and industry for more than 100 years. This legacy inspired the guiding concept for the interiors: the lens. Transparency and lighting effects are woven throughout the design and are complemented by the minimalist restraint found in contemporary Japanese style, used to full effect in the entrance lobby.


Bright and open, the entry features the palette of Olympus’ corporate identity colours accented by nuances of white and blue. Guided by the concept ‘design with light’, LED light strips embedded floor-to-ceiling in the large lobby’s walls emphasise the soaring height of the entrance hall while infusing a pleasing atmosphere.

A glittering chandelier specially conceived by JOI-Design draws eyes towards the entrance where the illuminated installation within the white surrounds evokes a sense of calm. Twinkles of light cast by its 1,568 diodes dance through the room and can even be computer programmed to coordinate with different photographs as suits the mood, event or occasion.

The heart of Olympus’ new headquarters can be seen from a central perspective in the lobby: one storey up, on the first floor, is the Medical Showroom displaying integrated surgical solutions. The reflective, iridescent effect of the curved blue glass encasing the space creates a fascinating interplay with the chandelier to make the entrance of the Olympus Campus simply unmissable.

Adjacent to the reception area is a streamlined café open to the public. Dining tables and chairs provide a perch for a quick coffee, while the sunken lounge with varying floor heights invites patrons to linger in the peaceful haven from the city’s hustle and bustle.


At the rear of the ground level is one of the building’s conference areas with an adjoining break-out space. Quiet design details in white, silver and blue tones also appear here, with relaxation zones, community tables and a bar that can be stocked for meetings. A spectacular floor lamp made from metal and plexiglas refracts light in a playful way that is evocative of a ‘lens’ while also creating a cosy atmosphere.

48_JOI-Design_Olympus Campus Hamburg_Credits Christian Kretschmar for JOI-Design_Collage PM

Spaces for Work and Communication

The Olympus Campus’ spatial plan was designed with eight different ‘bridges’ – zones that connect the different departments where people work. Four of these zones feature central meeting points, each with its own concept that offers an unexpected and more casual design than the classical approach found in the entrance area.

49_JOI-Design_Olympus Campus Hamburg_Credits Christian Kretschmar for JOI-Design_Collage PM

JOI-Design teamed up with Olympus employees to co-design the four different ‘worlds’ and make sure their ideas, wishes and needs were interpreted and incorporated into the interiors’ layouts, equipment and functions.

The lively LEVEL 4 bridge is reminiscent of computer games from the early days and invites employees to play and work. Of course, a relaxing nautical world has a rightful place in Hanseatic Hamburg and can be experienced on the MARITIME bridge. To unwind in a green atmosphere, colleagues can meet on the NATURE bridge, and on the WANDERLUST bridge, employees are subtly reminded of various Olympus locations, which inspires and promotes cooperation between different cultures. The other four levels of the new Olympus Campus offer further workspaces with designs tailored to support their specialised activities.

In cooperation with Olympus’ team members, JOI-Design’s aim was to bring new and diverse possibilities into spaces so that employees, as well as their external guests, could experience different options for independent work and cross-departmental cooperation. In this context, ‘neighbourhoods’ were created for assorted tasks: groups of generously sized, standardised workstations with electronically height-adjustable desks; phone boxes for making calls; smaller rooms for focused think tanks; and larger meeting spaces where project members can collaborate. In between these dedicated areas are places for informal conversations with colleagues: spacious ‘coffee corners’ offer opportunities for beverage breaks and are directly connected to ‘creative corners’ whose imaginatively designed furniture, large workbenches and markerboards were selected to encourage team members to capture spontaneous inspirations.

47_JOI-Design_Olympus Campus Hamburg_Credits Christian Kretschmar for JOI-Design_Collage PM

At the Olympus Medical Training Center, employees and clients can learn medical technologies in theory and practice them in state-of-the-art medical training environments. Even in these technical spaces, JOI-Design lent a hand in creating various sizes of laboratories and training rooms by developing appealing, unified atmospheres accented by curved, full-height blue glazed panels that add a touch of futuristic elegance.

14_JOI-Design_Olympus Campus Hamburg_Credits Christian Kretschmar for JOI-Design

Hospitality + Hard Work Hybrids

The ground floor holds a beautiful restaurant with two outdoor terraces for fresh air and sunshine. Employees can choose from a range of seating options for enjoying healthy cuisine, whether the large community table, small seating niches or comfortable banquettes, all devised by JOI-Design.

43_JOI-Design_Olympus Campus Hamburg_Credits Christian Kretschmar for JOI-Design

In addition to the balanced lunch menu, Olympus also promotes the health of its employees with a fitness studio on the campus’ 10th floor. Here, the interior designers’ vision was to create an environment that is both inviting and energising while making the most of the incredible views of the Hamburg skyline. The changing rooms are another highlight with cosy leather furniture, lockers in a dark timber finish and a Hollywood-style illuminated mirror in the women's changing room.

Also on the 10th floor is the large multifunctional sky lounge ‘Takachiho’ with various meeting areas and a futuristic-looking conference room. The absolute highlight here: the unmistakable Silver series chairs designed by Hadi Teherani for Interstuhl. A backlit, recessed oval ‘oculus’ in the ceiling mirrors the shape of tables and again expresses the lens motif, thereby creating a stunning focal point in the space.   


One storey up: the spacious rooftop terrace holds an industrial-styled bar made from shipping containers. The breathtaking, 360-degree panorama encompasses the Hamburg harbour, the Michel, the Elphi and the Elbe. A special place for employees to enjoy, either while working, taking a break or relaxing with colleagues at the end of the day.

40_JOI-Design_Olympus Campus Hamburg_Credits Christian Kretschmar for JOI-Design

Throughout the Olympus Campus, JOI-Design has successfully created an environment weaving New Work principles of communication and collaboration into imaginative settings where employees and clients feel inspired to partner on the discovery of innovative solutions.

Sabrina Voecks, creative director and partner at JOI-Design, accompanied the entire process as project manager for more than four years and sums it all up, “We incorporated our know-how from the hospitality sector to merge the requirements of both worlds. To us, this is an important and essential step for future contemporary office environments that must continuously adapt to the changing needs of our society.”


About JOI-Design

As a leading European interior design and design studio with more than 35 years of experience in hospitality design, JOI-Design has already planned more than 500 hotel projects at home and abroad. Their focus is on the development of exclusive, design-oriented concepts for the international hotel industry, serviced apartments, and in recent years, design-savvy offices with New Work characteristics as well as concept creation within the cruise ship industry.

The creative multidisciplinary teams in the interior design offices in Germany and India comprise experienced interior designers, architects, engineers, graphic designers, artists and product designers who create unique living spaces that respond to the continuously changing needs of our everyday lives and feel relevant for the distinct target markets in our contemporary world.   

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About Olympus

Olympus proudly develops customer-oriented product solutions for medical technology, science and industry. For more than 100 years, Olympus has focused on making people's lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling. The products help to detect, prevent and treat diseases, promote scientific research and support the safety of society. Olympus is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and has more than 30,000 employees in nearly 40 countries worldwide. Olympus Europe, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, serves the EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) region and employs 7,600 people in 31 subsidiaries.

For more information, see Follow us on Twitter: @OlympusMedEMEA.